Who are we? What do we do?

To start with, Mensa is an international organization that has only one requirement for membership — an IQ (on a standard test) in the top two percent nationally. Mensa is non-profit and has no political, religious, ethnic, or racial affiliation. All opinions expressed here, or in any publication, is that of the author alone and does not represent the opinions of local or national Mensa's or their officers. This does not imply that individual members cannot have opinions. We can be just as opinionated as anyone else, and often are. Mensa members range from four years of age through Alzheimer’s and from little or no formal education to multiple graduate degrees. Most are interested in a vast range of subject matter, but all are interesting.


Mensa brings together intelligent people to provide a forum for discussion, debate, sometimes even yelling at each other, and, yes, often just talking, telling jokes, playing games, having fun, and meeting great people. The only subject we never, ever discuss is our IQ’s. We get together to talk about things which challenge the mind in ways that require stronger mental effort than most people are interested in putting forth.



Don’t get me wrong. Mensa is not all frivolity and chit chat. The Mensa Education and Research Foundation (MERF) is involved in granting local scholarships to students based on merit.